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Klaas swivle joints are rotary units built in ball races. Therefore they can be used everywhere to transport fluid or gaseous media between two relativly movable points. Klaas swivle joints have a turning capacity of 360°.

In addition to loads through internat pressure, Klaas swivle joints absorb external radial-forces and bending moments. Even in case of applications uner rough conditions, Klaas swivel joints are characterized by the maximum possible functionality and safety.

Klaas swivlel joints are greased with special synthetic greases suiting the operational conditions. Upt to the exchange of seals Klaas swivle joints are vitually maintenance-free. Therefore grease nipples are not included, but they can be provided on request.

The VGC joint was designed for the construction of completet loading systems. The VGC consits of three parts. The gasket can be replaced.

The VGC joint is availlable as a one race or two race version. It is manufactured in the follwing types:

VGC1-N: one race, PTFE groove seal

VGC1-M: one race, sleave shaft seal

VGC2-N: tweo races, PTFE groove seal

VGC2-M: two races, sleave shaft seal

The standard nominal diameters are: DN25, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150 und DN200.

A subtype of the VGC joitn is the VGC2-PFA joint. It is coated with PFA to increase the proction against aggressive and corrosive media.
It is availlable in the diamaters DN50 and DN80.